Question Everything: A Manifesto to Bring Life into Art 

Tell good stories. 

Build imaginative, expansive, and reflective narratives.


Have fun. Make fun. Let joy, humor and lightheartedness inform and inspire.

Take notice.

Observe with focused attention. Get quiet and look closely.


Work with others. Build positive relationships. Share ideas. Give support.

Disorient yourself.

Find the in between space. Get comfortable there. Suspend. Agitate. Dream.

Communicate beyond words.

Read the signs. Convey your thoughts with color. Listen to spirit.

Speak up.

Know the sound of your voice. Use it wisely.


Dance. Jump. Run. Twirl. Dive. Love your body. Move it everyday, anyway you can. 


Be love in action. Open your heart. Know, express, and receive love.

Seek Understanding.

Share what you know. Learn from others. Be curious. Question everything.